Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome -- Take 2


Let me try this again. I've banned myself from Twitter until I get this post done. (Gideon Cross, you stay over there.)

He doesn't look happy. I better make this quick.

So! Welcome. I'm here mostly to talk about books--reading them, writing them, ogling their covers,  chatting with their authors, posting ridiculously hot pictures of their characters... Anything goes!

I also have a thing for vintage ads, and I find some doozies while researching for my books, so sometimes I'll share those too. Like this awesome one for Lysol. Did you know it was THE feminine hygiene product of the Roaring 20s?

No wonder women were roaring. That had to hurt!

As for me, I have a sexy 1920s historical called SPEAK EASY coming out this summer. I think of it as New Adult meets Boardwalk Empire, but I'm happy to inform you that no one douches with Lysol in the story. And I'm sorry if that image ruined your day.

I'm self-publishing, and I'm a complete newbie to the process, but I have awesome friends helping me along and I'm doing lots of research on how to do it right. Everything I learn, I will share with you!

Last--I love writing, but come cocktail hour, I quit Word and shake a martini. Life is good.

Cheers to readers and writers everywhere!

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