Monday, May 6, 2013

Nervous about Self-Publishing?

I was too.

Because here's what I knew about self-publishing before this year.

See the blank space?^^^^ Yeah, that's pretty much it.

But so many writer friends, whether they had agents or not, were making the decision to do it. And here's the amazing thing about writers--they are generous! And encouraging! And they will help you, even when you are a toe-dragging, self-doubting, indecisive mess.

They shared articles with me, like this one about why even big names are choosing self-publishing. And this one about what different authors are making from self-published books. And this one about how much money you might have to invest at the start.

Then I read Hugh Howey's interview in the May/June 2013 Writer's Digest. Click here for a similar blog post by him if you can't get the magazine.

And I was convinced.

But I was still clueless.

So I began researching it, and thanks to the generosity of other writers and websites like The Creative Penn and The Book Designer, I am finding my way.

You can too.

And for me, once that decision was made, everything changed for the better--because I knew I was writing for readers, not literary gatekeepers. My writing got better too. (And much, much sexier.) Sitting down at the keyboard was a joy, not a chore.

Now, will it take a lot of work and investment beyond actual writing time and lattes at Starbucks?


Does the thought of it overwhelm me so much that at times I want my Bombay Sapphire delivered intravenously?


But do I have complete creative and financial control?


Do I love writing more now that I feel that freedom?

YES. A thousand times, YES.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this Forbes article, posted last week (4/30/13), entitled When the Self-Published Authors Take Over, What Will Publishers Do?

It's a really incredible time to be a writer and a reader--we've never been more empowered to make our own choices.


  1. I started this company because a friend of mine asked me to build him a website to market his paperback novel. In the process of helping create his website I got involved in the digital publication of his book due to his current publisher wanting to charge him an astronomical fee to digitally print his book. Along the way I learned a great deal about digital publishing, traditional book marketing and thought to myself that if my friend was having this issue - most likely others were as well!

    I decided that one of the principal goals of this new company was that every transaction must not just be a transaction (if we wanted to be that kind of a company we might as well not bother) but a win / win situation for both parties.

    Rodney Wild


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