Monday, April 29, 2013

This is not the welcome post I meant to write (It's Gideon Cross's fault)

So I had totally planned to blog about something useful for my first post here.

Some kind of welcome.

I was going to introduce myself. Talk about writing sexy stories. About awesome books and the people who write them.

I planned to admit that I am just finding my way along the path to self-publishing and volunteer to share everything I learn with you.

But I can't do that now. Because I just discovered two things on Twitter that have hijacked my brain:

1. Sylvia Day thinks Henry Cavill would make the perfect Gideon Cross.

yes please

2. Gideon Cross has a Twitter account. And he posts pictures like this:


I'm afraid the above has rendered me useless this morning. Let's blame Henry.

No, wait--that doesn't seem fair. Let's blame Sylvia!

Well, no, I guess it's not really her fault either. OK, let's blame the Gideon Cross Twitter feed. Because now, not only is my first blog post a mess, but I'm in no mood to write, edit, or research self-publishing. I just want to do this 

with Henry Cavill. (Or that model. I wouldn't shove him off my couch either.)

But perhaps there's a lesson here somewhere: When you're trying to get something done, don't get on Twitter. Because Gideon Cross will find you.

Le sigh. I'll try again tomorrow. 


  1. *nods* Twitter, and any site with a picture (ALL THE SITES) are dangerous for hijacking the busy writer's... what IS that over there?

    *wanders off*

  2. I wanted to lick your blog too. Then I saw Sophia already had and then I HAD to lick your blog.


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