Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tempt Me Tuesday

Oh my goodness.

I'm trying to form coherent thoughts but it's difficult because I have just read the first two chapters of ENTWINED WITH YOU by Sylvia Day.

Lovely, generous Sylvia gave the masses of tongue-lolling, Gideon-starved creatures like me a taste of the third book in the Crossfire series today, and I can't think (really. I can't think.) of a more perfect way to introduce a series of posts on my blog called--you guessed it--Tempt Me Tuesday.

Temptation plays a huge part in SPEAK EASY, my NA historical set in 1923. The temptation to drink, to smoke, to wear lipstick, to kiss, to roll your stockings down, to rip some buttons off a three-piece suit...
Come on babe, why don't we paint the town?
Or you could just take off your pants and we'll stay in.

OK I better stop.

So every Tuesday I will post something to tempt and tease you...could be anything! For today, here is the link to Sylvia Day's site where the chapters are posted.

Between the chapters and all the pics floating around Twitter of readers' choices for Gideon Cross actors, I may never breathe normally again. The #GideonEffect. 'Tis a real thing.

Is it June 4th yet???

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