Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tempt Me Tuesday: Get in THE MOOD

Since my cover reveal was so much fun last week, I thought I'd share some more pictures that will put you in the proper mood for SPEAK EASY. (This is me trying to tempt you...)

Best viewed with a cocktail and the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Booth at Club 23

Several fun things happen in stairwells...

...as well as underground tunnels.

What's better than a man in a three-piece suit at a speakeasy?

Um, this.

The hair. The eyes. THE LIPS. Meet Enzo DiFiore.

OK, the modern room can go, but the man? He stays.
As promised, there IS a gorgeous boy in a kitchen (meet Joey)...although he's dressed in the scene.  (Boo, I know.)

My cover girl is the perfect Tiny O'Mara.

The clothes...the clothes. There are suits...

and a chemise...

and headbands...
and dresses...

and shoes...

and a step-in...

and more dresses!

Here's how they kept those stockings rolled.
And there is kissing. Even when they shouldn't...especially when they shouldn't. 

Intrigued? Come back soon for a sneak peak at chapter one!



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