Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tempt Me Tuesday: Fixed on You

Lovers of smexy books are feasting this week on some hot new releases, and one of them is FIXED ON YOU by my friend Laurelin Paige.

Mmmm. Suit porn.

Laurelin writes some really sexy stuff, so if you like your romance with heat a la Gideon and Eva, you will eat up Hudson and Laynie and lick the plate!

Here is my fantasy Hudson as he appears when Laynie first meets him--blue suit, gray eyes, stubble.


One of my favorite scenes is when Hudson takes Laynie shopping for a dress to wear to an event, and she's in the dressing room wearing the winner--a long black dress with a corset bodice.

He sneaks in, stands behind her, and loosens the corset. Then he tells her to watch in the mirror.

What happens next is so hot I can't even write it here.

But this. THIS.

"Put your hands on the mirror." His husky command and the anticipation of knowing what he was about to do sparked a new wave of arousal, evan more intense than before.

Still shaking, I reached my hands out in front of me, his arms leaving me as soon as I managed to support myself. Behind me, I heard his zipper, the sound raising my level of excitement.


And this was just an appetizer, darlings. The entire meal awaits!

Eat. It. Up.          Amazon           Barnes and Noble

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  1. Thanks for featuring me, Melanie! I happen to love this scene as well. :)


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