Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 Sexy Questions for Emma Hart

Lucky me--as part of the New Adult Authors Unite Sensational Summer Blog Tour, I got to interview New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Emma Hart!

Talented, successful, and cute.
I'd hate her if she weren't so dang sweet.

Emma's latest release is the second book in The Game series, PLAYING FOR KEEPS. It is sweet and spicy--a perfect summer read! And this week, it's on sale for just 99 cents! Get it now, and thank me later. :)

Yes, it is that sexy.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS is so darn hot that, naturally, when Emma agreed to be interviewed for this post I immediately harassed her with 5 Sexy Questions.

She's so delightful, she not only answered them but offered some swag to give away to one lucky commenter on today's post!

So without further ado...

MH: I know it's hard to choose, but which sexy scene was your favorite to write from Playing for Keeps and why? (I think mine was the back seat!)

EH: Rain kiss on the hood and the back seat... Could it be anything else? ;) 

MH: Um, yes...the whole book is HOT! So now that we're warmed up, what is your favorite sexual position and why?

EH: Who says you need a favourite? ;)

MH: Ha! Well said. What sexy books are you most looking forward to reading this summer?

EH: Hmm, this is tough, mostly because this summer will be hectic for me, but I'm gonna say yours ;) and I have a couple of beta reads coming up! But they're secret, so yeah. ;)

MH: Speak Easy it is, then! I hope 1920s American gangsters turn a modern British girl on. :) Now, who is your favorite piece of mancandy?

EH: Right now? This guy. He's also my current muse.

MH: Oh, hell yes. Right this moment that guy's doing it for me too...I can hardly focus. He looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

Speaking of JRMmmmmmm, what five sexy people are on your Hollywood Exceptions list (free pass from your hubs if ever the opportunity arises)? Can be men or women!

EH: Haa... Umm... Channing Tatum (obvs), Matthew Lewis, (he played Neville in Harry Potter. Have you SEEN him lately? Holy smokes.) Taylor Lautner. Ryan Reynolds. And Ian Somerhalder. WHY CAN I ONLY CHOOSE FIVE?! I'm sorry. *puts hormones back in their box* 

MH: I'm sorry too! How about I say it can be a rotating cast? These days I'm quite partial to Steven Strait, who plays Stevie Evans on Magic City.

Why yes, I will take a ride with you.
Now sexy readers, it's your turn: comment below with your Hollywood crush (this week) and one of you darlings will win The Game series swag from Emma! Contest will stay open until midnight EST on July 11th, when the NAUU Sensational Blog Tour ends.

Thanks, Emma!


  1. Alexander Skaarsgard, always, but I must insist he stays in character as Eric Northman.

  2. Definitely agree with Emma - Ian! Love his eyes.

  3. Always quick to be unoriginal, I must throw my vote in for Channing... mmmm...

  4. Ian!! He's often my muse. Good taste, Emma.

  5. Right now--definitely Chris Pine. :)


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